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It's the month of resolutions which means it's time to get our asses into gear and get into cooking. We've had a lazy few months of eating nothing other than dessert and roast turkey, and although we will carry on eating Gookie Dough because it's our guilty pleasure, we need to build more efficient meals. You feel the same? Here are some cookbooks that give you all the delicious recipes and guidance to make sure you maintain that resolution. 

Love Your Lunches 

Working in the office means that it's super tempting to go for that high-calorie doughnut and pick at biscuits. However, this little gem of a book says that you can brighten up your lunch with these healthy recipes that are still super tasty which means you'll not only be fuller for longer, but you can also pack in those essential vitamins. From smokey sweet potato nachos to caramelised onion, mushroom and goat's cheese frittata, there's something for everyone. Reclaim your lunch and make everyone jealous in the break room!

What to Eat Pad  

No more excuses for not planning, tracking or buying household meals. The Knock Knock planning pad makes it super easy for you to write down your meals and allows you to take notes along with the options of whether you're dining in or out. The best part about it, scheduling always means you know what's for dinner and it looks super stylish on the fridge door. 

The Avocado Cookbook 

Get trendy and make Instagram worthy content with the ultimate avocado cookbook. Featuring over 50 mouth-watering recipes inspired by the world's favourite fruit, you'll be cooking up meals that are 100% food perfection! The fruit adds a velvety texture and a hint of nutty goodness to every dish which instantly transforms any meal. Nutrition has never been so pure or perfect. 

The Healthy Smoothie Bible 

No matter what your health goals or daily routine, this little book of health has the perfect smoothie for any occasion. Whether you're a zesty berry kinda girl or a citrus superload guy, this has got you covered. You can find out all sorts of information which includes how to get started, how to keep it simple (we don't like over complication, do we?!), how to listen to your body and incorporate smoothies into it and how to heal your body by using your magical blender. 

Never Binge Again 

Probably a book that I need for a wake-up call. Struggle with binge eating? Tick. Emotional eating or stress eating? Tick. Lose weight then gain it back? Tick. This paper saviour can help you dramatically improve your ability to achieve and stick to any weight loss or meal plans, recover from mistakes and help unnecessary guilt and can guide your way out of food obsession so you can maintain a healthy diet! 

Detox: 3-Day Rapid Weight Loss Detox Cleanse  


Christmas made you feel super bloat? Want to kick start the cleanse? This book is for you. The detox can increase your energy levels, clear your mind and improve your overall health, with a colourful and bold front cover, you'll be instantly drawn in and be ready to jump right in! 

What book will be your ultimate best friend this January? 

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