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Lewis is an online health & fitness influencer based explicitly on Instagram who thrives on spreading knowledge and health facts to his followers through easy to read, visual posts which are suitable for the experienced, not only gym-goers but also newbies who are looking to get into a fitness lifestyle.

Tell us about your Ebook!

My eBook was one of my first ever adventures on Instagram; it was my mission to create a small recipe book which would contain fantastic tasting desserts that people could consume while following ANY diet. The whole purpose was to make every recipe rich in protein and as low in calories as possible so that you can enjoy more bang for your buck. I'm still proud of my eBook to this day, but the journey has not come to an end just yet as I am coming back after massive demand of new recipes, soon I plan to announce my ProteinDesserts 101 v2.

What are your favourite ingredients to work with?

My favourite ingredients to use are going to be the following:

Xanthan Gum - This is an excellent agent for thickening recipes, typically in protein-based recipes, they struggle when it comes to rising. This is because the mixture is quite runny and thin, but Xanthan Gum fluffs everything up.. complete life saver!

Whey Protein - Anyone who is active in the fitness industry and wants to build some Muscle knows how vital Protein is in the diet. This is why It's one of my favourites, not only does it pack a punch with 20+ grams of protein, but it tastes fantastic if you get the perfect flavour. Mine has to be the birthday cake flavours; I don't know anybody who hasn't enjoyed that one yet.

Sugar-Free/Fat-Free Jello Pudding Mix - This is MAJOR KEY, mixing this with specific ingredients is the icing on the cake. I have major love for this stuff; it's excellent on its own and even better using some secret ingredients from my recipe book.

Do you have a favourite recipe?

My favourite recipe has to be the Protein Fluff that is in my eBook, the texture and volume of the calories are actually insane, sometimes I question if it's legit! But It is, and it's the best thing you can eat when you have minimal calories to spare. Especially when you need to get your protein up for the day.

Seeing as you're Insta-famous, what are your top tips?

When It comes to Instagram, I don't like to refer myself as a "Guru", but I consider myself someone with a deep understanding of how the platform works and how to grow at a reasonable rate. My tips to people looking to push their Instagram accounts to the next level would be to invest in some proper quality equipment. I recommend a good DSLR camera & some time to spend on Image/Video editing software alongside things like Photoshop. But other than that, the primary two keys I tell EVERYONE is first, staying consistent & secondly sticking to a theme. Absolutely nothing can beat consistency, sometimes the journey is slow, but it will eventually pick up, and your hard work will pay off in the end!

Do you incorporate your love for graphic design into your dishes?

I would like to say I keep my Graphic Design & Baking brain separated mostly! But I do want to get a little creative with my dishes from time to time, making them look "Insta Worthy".

Your pictures always look delicious! How do you get the perfect shot of a dish?

When it comes to the perfect picture of a dish, I give all my credit to the Camera & Image editing software... Yes, seriously! I use a large 75-300mm Lens on my Canon DSLR camera to achieve fantastic quality close-ups as it allows me to zoom in very close to my objects. I then import it into my apps such as SnapSeed, and I edit it using the premade features inside the app, it really bumps up the quality and brings the colours out.

What's your favourite flavour of Gookie Dough?

My favourite flavour of Gookie Dough is the Red Velvet flavour, something about it is entirely unbeatable. However, it is closely followed by the Funfetti Flavour, who doesn't love sprinkles!? Of course, you can’t beat the original dough with all of the chocolate chip goodness. I can eat a whole pot in a day without even knowing, it’s so more-ish! The monster tubs are absolute heaven when I’m in need of that chocolate fix; I undoubtedly turn to the Triple Chocolate Fudge dough. The fudge instantly melts on your tongue. It’s divine.

What's your goal as a social media influencer?

My goal as a Social Media Influencer is to educate and to BUST all of the fitness myths out there, many people diet incorrectly, train incorrectly and fall into the marketing and traps set out by the so-called 'Industry Professionals' and 'Personal Trainers'. I keep it 100% real, genuine and straight to the point in hopes that people learn the right way of doing things. I get great satisfaction from educating people in the Fitness & Health industry as I know I'm potentially helping and improving the lives of thousands of people.

Also, I wish to stay true to my roots but also monetise my account to benefit not only my customers but also to create a source of income so that I can have more spare time during the day to create original content for my followers. None of this would even happen if it weren't for them, so I owe it all to my 160k+ followers out there.

Thanks, Lewis!

Good luck on your second Ebook, we can’t wait! You can find Lewis' Ebook here to check out all of his recipes and desserts. Make sure you follow him on Instagram @LewFitness!

If you want to get in contact with Lewis for some fitness tips and guidance, then don’t be shy to slide into his DM’s on Insta!

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