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Every zodiac sign has its own eating habits, find out what your star sign says about your taste in food!


Aries, you're a lover of spicy food which is super energising. However, Aries doesn't have the most healthy diet because they are always busy and on the move which means that they can eat too fast! High-calorie food is a significant tick in your book. Aries have a vast appetite and love trying new things and tend to be protein rich. Top tip for Aries? Eat slower and avoid alcohol! 


Taurus, you have a hefty appetite and enjoy food to the max, and who can blame you? You want food to satisfy you completely and are willing to pay for the most beautiful quality. Dieting is a bit of torture and not worth it because when gathering life experiences, they learn new recipes and tips in the kitchen. Their problem when it comes to food is that they tend to eat emotionally. Top tip for Taurus? Replacing sweet foods with fruit. 


Gemini loves a good conversation at the dinner table, and they find this more important than the food itself. Eating isn't their favourite activity, but they do enjoy cooking if it goes their way. Gemini's can get creative and mix their curiosity in with their talent to create the most divine dishes. The downside to a Gemini is that they often skip meals. Top tip for Gemini? Have a better eating routine and have three meals a day. 


Cancer's are talented in the kitchen, they love homemade food and tend to carry on recipes which were passed down to them from Grandma. They are enticed into buying the very best food and cooking equipment. Those born under this sign hate sharing food (I can't blame you) and can overeat when nervous or afraid. You prefer cooking for others and watching them enjoy rather than eating yourself. Top tip for Cancer? Control your appetite.


Leo's love organic, fresh ingredients and have a guilty pleasure of luxury. Nutritionally, they have disciplined behaviour and good eating habits and prefer to stick to one large meal per day. The dining table is their favourite with family and friends as this is where they can feel loved. Even though a Leo doesn't enjoy cooking and would prefer to eat out, they will always bring on a challenge of being a host. Top tip for Leo? Eat fruit and vegetables! 


Virgo's are sensitive when it comes to food and is the only star sign that can be on a diet without suffering from temptation. They have a slow metabolism and need to consume a lot of fruit and vegetables to help digestion. People born during this sign are great in the kitchen and put a lot of detail into their dishes. Taste is more critical to Virgo's than the price of the ingredients. Food waste is hated, and they often prepare something with all the leftovers. Top tip for Virgo? Eat light and small meals. 


Libras are food lovers, and they love the dance that surrounds it. They prefer small portions of anything which is followed by a high-quality beverage. A Libra can become dependant on chocolate and other sweets and would rather have a dessert over the main meal. They want food to be presentable, and when cooking, they can sometimes pay more attention to the appearance of food rather than the actual quality. Top tip for Libra? Eat sweet treats in moderation. 


Scorpio's love calorific food and become hungry regularly. They are partial to a midnight snack, and a house with no food can make them bring out that sting on their tail. They enjoy spicy food and will not pretend to like something to be polite. They are lean and slim and follow the principle of all or nothing. Top tip for Scorpio? Avoid alcohol and junk food and ensure you stay hydrated.  


A Sagittarius' diet tends to go from one extreme to the other. They tend always to be very hungry and can sometimes become greedy. However, on the other end of the spectrum, they can forget to eat because they're too busy enjoying life. Top tip for Sagittarius? One meal only and no seconds!


Capricorns appreciate quality over quantity. They enjoy a meal in a relaxed and calm area and love attending family dinners. However, they do not like being forced to eat extra food when it's not wanted. Capricorns are traditional and love homemade food. They don't enjoy super spicy food but can go overboard when it comes to seasoning. Top tip for Capricorn? Go easy on the herbs, especially salt!


Aquarius' love sharing food and prefer low-calorie meals. They know how to enjoy new and unusual foods and respect cultures. People born under this sign are often vegetarians due to their human nature and love the taste of fruit and vegetables. When cooking, they don't follow recipies and usually make things up as they go along. The downside to their diet is their caffeine addiction. Top tip for Aquarius? 


Last but not least, Pisces. They tend to get creative and adore specific meals but will appreciate food as a way to show people how much they care. They appreciate good company at the table and can be a bit of a romantic. The downside to their passionate side is that this can include a large alcohol intake. Top tip for Pisces? Detox at times!

What does your star sign say about you then? At least we can proudly say that here at Gookie Dough; our flavours apply to all of your star signs! 

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